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SEO with Pinterest : 7 tips to boost your SEO with Pinterest

May 3, 2013 0 Comments

Just two years ago , No one knows about Social Network Pinterest and not even heard about the word “Pinterest”  .  Pinterest , which is now stands in top 35 websites in the world  according to their Alexa traffic. Pinterest gets huge visitors response  from last year. Now it has more than 11 million active users Monthly .

Today, Facebook, Twitter stands in top of social network due to their trillions of users . But for achieving these top positions , these social networks takes more than 5 years and in case of Pinterest , It  is the fastest growth in social market by any website.  Pinterest is basically a pin board sharing network , which allow users to add images on their boards and share them to their followers. Its design and Image sharing functionality attract more  users  to use this.

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7 tips to boost your SEO with Pinterest

Now as SEO rules , Use that network which generate traffic. Pinterest also great platform for SEO to get huge traffic to their websites in form of Pins and Repins. Sharing your pins and get repins increases your websites page views and visitors. But by only sharing , we can’t get much benefit , There are some tips that I have collected for getting better response in SEO with Pinterest.  Here 7 easy tips that you should follow to boost your SEO :



    1. Synchronize Pinterest with your websites and other AccountsWhile creating a Pinterest account , give your website link in Pinterest. You need to verify your domain to get linked from Pinterest. You should also connect your other social network like Facebook and Twitter in your Pinterest Account.


    1. Add “Pin It” Button to your blogs and postsAdd a “Pin It ” button on your blog and also separate for every post. This will help visitors to share directly from your website to Pinterest. Pin It button also helps you to get more Repined for your posts.


    1. Create board names that target your keywordsWhile creating a board under your profile , Use keyword as your board name . This name will help you to get ranked easily on search engines for that keyword. These boards makes you visible on high rank in search engines through your Pinterest  account even if your website has no ranking on top 10 pages of search engines.


    1. Create backlinks in descriptionGiving a backlink in the description of your Pin is also a very helpful and powerful trick to get traffic from your Pinterest account to your  website. For better results use backlink within content and get direct backlink from Pinterest.


    1. Use Hash(#) tag for keywordsTill now Hash(#) tag is best described as only for twitter and tagging others in twitter . But in Pinterest Hash(#) tag  has also same work for getting found in searching of specific keyword. You should use your keyword with Hash(#) tag in Pinterest.


    1. Build Your FollowersBuilding followers means building reputation. So maximize your followers and get maximum repins and views of visitors. Becoming a brand on Pinterest will surely help your website in search engine also.


    1. Invite others to Pin on your General boardsCreate a general board and invite your followers to pinning on it. This will help your account to increase visibility in search engines  and other Pinterest users.


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