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How To Add Author Image in Google Results (Google Authorship)

November 11, 2013 1 Comment

Hopefully you have already caught the importance of Google Authorship is the mechanism by which Google’s search engine rankings can be influenced by Author Rank.If you haven’t, Google Authorship fundamentally amounts to the largest shakeup in search since the link. Its Google’s way of identifying the author of a piece of content to factor it as a signal of content quality..Google has been the world wide web leader in more ways than and it’s started a technique that aims to protect authors work and simultaneously, build trust in to the author and increase their reputation on the world wide web. one more thing is that why some peoples faces are showing up in search results? How people do that?They do it by linking and then adding the Google Authorship markup to the links. it is called a rich snippet. Its more credible and more prominent and Its all feasible through the magic of Google authorship markup and the rel=author tag.

If the worth of this isn’t obvious, think about this: according to study on the impact of rich snippets on traffic, the number of clicks increased by 150% one time the rich snippet was added. This is of those opportunities to give yourself an unfair advantage in Google.Google has some basic instructions for this, but they were not helpful for me. So I did some research (AJ Kohns post was helpful). And I did some testing, and its working. Here how I did it-:Even if you are not using so much Google+ , Google Authorship will still work, but you do must setup your profile. At least, take 15-minutes to go through the Google+ Jump start Guide.

Step One: Verify your email address


Google desires to know that your account is legit. Make positive you are using a electronic mail address with the same domain as the domain of your weblog.According to Google, as long as you are posting on that domain, & the posts have the same byline as the name on your G+ account, this helps to make the connection.

Step Two: Link from your Google+ profile to your website content


On the right side of the About page of your Google+ profile, there is Contributor place to add a links. Link to your content from here.

In the event you have a bio page on your weblog, link to this bio. you can post directly itself if u dont have a bio page in the event.


Step Three: Link from your content to your Google+ profile


From the byline or author box at the bottom of your post, link to your Google+ profile, adding “rel=author” in the link.In the event you have a bio page on your site, link to the bio with “rel=me” in the link.In the event you don’t have a bio page on your site (or if you are having trouble getting authorship to work), link directly to your Google+ profile with “rel=author” in the link.

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