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10 Best Email Marketing Sites (Software)

August 16, 2013 0 Comments

In competitive business world its became an important need to do email marketing for your business. It’s very needful advertise and marketing your business tell the people in the market what you and company do and show. In this speedy world we have to always stay connected with our customers and discuss with them. For all the needs for business we need email and newsletters reconnect with customers and advertise your business. So you need email marketing services.

Here I am going to share a list of 10 best Email Marketing sites (Software). Hope you will like the following sites list :

Mail Chimp

Mail chimp is one of the most popular email marketing companies out there. They offer a lot great services such as RSS email and they provide a lot of templates and integration tools for your convenience. Using mail chimp you can draw newsletter for your website build a subscribers list send mails to subscribers and also track your results for how many subscribers open email and click the links or not .




Aweber offers a lot of the same functions as other email marketing services .The only differences that I can really see is that you have to pay $1 to get started, They don’t have a free plan, but you can send 500 subscribers unlimited emails. You can pay monthly, quarterly .and yearly .They do seem to have more designer friendly signup form builder to integrate in to your site, making your signup form more attractive .


Constant Contact

Constant contact offers 60 days free trial, letting try their services before you buy .They not only have email marketing plans and capabilities. Constant contact also has social media integrations and campaigns as well. You can learn more about your costumers and how they feel about your services


I contact                                                                                                             

I contact is another competitor that has social media integrations and the abilities to send to professionals campaigns. One thing they boost is that they have a higher deliver ability rate than anyone else. The other key ingredients of icontact are the message builder for design emails, message coder for html template, and signup forms .


Get Response

Get response a world’s easiest and smartest email marketing .This email marketing services key features are very useful to email marketers .Like its email creator is drag and drop email builder can easily create creativity templates and limitless editing options.


Benchmark Email

Business class service for sending professional emails and invites. Their services scale with the numbers of subscriber’s .and they have broken it down very distinctly, so there no questions as to how much you will pay for you number of subscribers .one stand out features is that they offer a service where they will do it all for you .But it isn’t cheap, priced at around $150 per month.


Pin Pointe

Email marketing company, pinpoint is cloud based and offers a wide variety of services .They have the ability to send follow up emails when a user clicks a link ,and  they track each users activities , so you can create an email marketing strategy based on your subscribers behavior .



Mailigen offer average plans that compare to the other services. They allow you to pay per month or per year .and they also offer enterprise packages for large volume emails .You can send emails, create online surveys and track subscribers actions such as opens and clicks.



Campaigner provides professional email marketing solutions .Campaigner gives you a chance to convert your contacts in to customers and emails into cash .Campaigner can be useful to email marketers because of its easy to use interface top class customers support .


Vertical Response

Vertical response offers a verity of different services including email campaigns .Social media campaign, event marketing and online surveys .The only thing that is strange is that they request payments for each one .The cost per email, making it difficult to judge how much each their   costs in total.

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